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Three Ways to Finance Your Wide Format Printer

Posted October 10, 2015 By PSBNetBank

Wide format printers are basically used for printing projects that are more than 24 inches wider Due to advanced technology, this equipment has become common and lager corporations and other on-demand printing shops use it to print: charts, maps and blueprints. You can buy plotters online but the problem is that these kinds of printers are more expensive for most budgets and it is for this reason that you will need financing in order to get it. Continue reading this article to know some of the ways you can use to finance this equipment so that you can enjoy its efficiency in your printing business.

Printer World International Inc


Not only does Printer World let you buy plotters online in Canada, they also service internationally! Their financial services have flexible terms to help you acquire the printing equipment of your choice by spreading the cost over a given period of time. You will be able to manage your cash flow having monthly payments that are predictable. This is because your payments remain the same every month and you will be able to do effective budgeting. Printer World International Inc financial services will help you move from analog to the most effective wide format printer in a more cost effective way without the need for a larger capital outlay. They have flexible monthly payment plans for: 24, 36, 48 and 60 months that will enable you acquire this equipment without straining your pockets.

Crest Capital


With twenty years of wide format printer leasing and financing experience in Canada, crest capital has the lowest and most flexible interest rates. They provide a fair and easy application process that enables you to buy plotters online by simply filling one application. The application can be done online at the comfort of your office or home. The approval time is also reduced and this makes crest capital the best in financing this printer and other equipment.

Hp Financial Services


Hp financial services have built a large spectrum of clientele base due to their loyalty and trust. They get the job done right because of their high level of expertise and speedy process. They do all the work by contacting the seller, inspecting the equipment then deliver the equipment right at your door step. Whether you plan on buying new or used printing equipment you can either call Hp financial services or send them an email by filling the free online quote form. You will be provided with a payment estimate which will give insights into how to best finance your printing equipment. They have a fast approval rate and you will be able to have your equipment in no time. It is a simple, faster and easier finance event that requires simple paperwork especially for those accounts that have been prequalified with a service guarantee in advance.

To conclude, having a quality wide format printer will greatly benefit your business through speedy printing services which will increase your profits. Since the equipment is so expensive, finding ways to finance it will help you ease the burden of buying it. The above financing options should help you make this lifetime investment without much financial struggle. Study each one of them and choose one that suits your financial needs and one that will help you buy plotters online.