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A New Opportunity To Make Money Online

How does renting and ranking websites make money?

The rank and rent method is a new way of making a profit by renting websites to companies looking for more business. This method allows you to create a website and after that rank it high in google search engine. When you have done that process, you can offer your website to a specific client, in a specific niche-location for a per-lead rental, rank and sell or monthly paid fee. With rank and rent method you are doing all the designers and SEO jobs for a business that you want to create a website for. In exchange for that service and service of maintaining their high position in google ranks, you are receiving an arranged fee.

What you spend vs. what you make with rank and rent method?

Aspect of money income and profitability in every business is a primary concern. With rank and rent method your investment should only be In domain and web hosting service. If you have skills that are required to create and optimize a website that can rank high In google search you shouldn’t be having any more investments than those mentioned.

How to start ranking and renting?

Here is a short guideline on how you should start in this area of work:

  1. The first step is creating a website that has an attractive, promising and authentic look in a location-niche that will have good traffic on google and other search platforms.
  2. The second step is ranking and optimizing your website in the search engines for a variety of different keywords output.
  3. And the third and final step is that a created website you offer to a business in the same niche and same location for an arranged fee.

Why would anyone rent a website?

There are a lot of different reasons why businesses should rent a website and not produce it themselves. Creating a unique and authentic design with SEO optimization requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge to accomplish. Not everyone out there is a web designer and SEO optimizer. Also, this process requires time that sometimes certain businesses don’t have. Maintenance and constant competitive content are some benefits of renting a website. When renting an already built and optimized website you are skipping the part of trust between client and service provider. The reason is the website that has been previously built and ranked so the client doesn’t have the risk of promised but not given service.

Businesses that already have a competitive brand or service they are offering can have a 50 to 60% raise in customers purchases with an optimized and well-ranked website. If you are interested in starting your own rank and rent job you should contact support on rankandrent.club. They will provide you with more specific guidelines and with intel on how to approach your clients, which fee to charge for your services of renting a website. Also, you can get educated and informed about the process which you do after you successfully rent your website to targeted audience.