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Mobile Device Trends

The latest in Smartphone Accessories

The penetration of smartphones over the recent years has increased internationally. This is mainly because the smartphone has become a personal identity. The recent mobile device trends and innovations have led to the surge in innovative and trendy Smartphone accessories. Some accessories are predominantly functional, while others are purely for ornamental purposes.

Below are some of the trending accessories in the mobile world.

Trendy covers and casesTrendy Cases
Even though the mobile accessories world extends beyond device skins and phone cases, most consumers tend to seriously protect their mobile handsets and tablets. However, most people look for cases that offer a mixture of fashion, adequate storage space and new design configurations and materials. One of the best trends in phone covers is the durable, waterproof and robust smartphone cases. Most manufacturers are now producing heavy duty covers that are definitely making a huge difference in the mobile phone accessory industry.

There is also the tempered glass screen protector that is gaining popularity by the day. This is because the screen protector protects the original smartphone screen form breaking in case of any impact or falling. The surface hardness of this accessory is about 8 to 9H. In addition, it has an oil-resistant nano-coating that protects the surface from scratches and prevents buildup of facial oils and fingerprints on the screen. Learn more at http://temperedglassscreenprotector.org/premium-brands/

Portable SpeakersPocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker
This accessory tends to look like a fairly ordinary little device, until you open one end of it and reveal the hidden speaker. The speaker end can then be positioned on any surface to provide excellent acoustics. The speakers can be used on windows, plastic bowls, upturned glasses or anything that can vibrate.This is a portable speaker that offers excellent sound and can be used anywhere.

Power accessories Power Accessory
With many smartphones using lots of battery power, the need to stay charged has led to the creation of outstanding product designs. There are charging stations or mats that can easily power up several devices at the same time. There are also portable power solutions that provides a variety of pocket sized chargers that enable consumers to boost the batteries of their tablets or smartphones while they are on the go.

The popularity of smartphones will continue to rise in the years to come. This is because these handsets have become an essential item that most people cannot leave their homes without. In addition, the indispensable cell phone has inspired the design and invention of new, trendy products and services that are essential for everyday use. It is clearly evident that the Mobile device trends will never be the same again.